How do I order on

  • You can place order directly on
  • You can order medicines by E-Mail to
  • You can order medicines through Whatsapp

How is my order for B2B processed?

Step 1: Send Inquiry
Step 2: Our sales consultant handle the inquiry and provide all the required information. We will discuss and finalize the Terms and Conditions.
Step 3: Once its mutually agreed, we will issue Proforma Invoice.
Step 4: Make Payment. We Ship Goods Immediately.

About Prescription?

If you order a medicine that can only be prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, then you need to have that prescription ready at the time of placing of order.

Step 1: Customer uploads the prescription
Step 2: Pharmacist reviews the prescription and generate invoice.
Step 3: Customer selects the mode of payment as desired
Step 4: We will deliver the medicine at your doorstep.

How will I know the availability of the medicine?

We ensure the availability of medicines before generating the invoice.

Can I buy generic substitutes?

Yes, you can buy generic substitutes provided the doctor writes the generic name instead of brand name in the prescription

Quality of the medicines?

We ensure that you get only quality and authentic medicines that are well within the expiry date.

Does sell any controlled substances?

At Curewithus, we believe in a clean and healthy way of living. We only deal in drugs that help individuals sustain or maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is why we do not sell any controlled substances, habit forming substances or narcotic.

Why cannot I confirm order as soon as I upload the prescription?

Pharmacists verify the prescription before confirm the order. Order will get confirmed on the successful verification of prescription and confirmation of payment.

Will I get a tax invoice for an online purchase?

Yes. You will be emailed a tax invoice as soon as you complete your Payment and online order.

How do you deliver the product?

We deliver medicines through the countries best courier agent.

What is the time period to deliver my order?

Delivery Period may vary depending on the delivery location as well as the time you order. We will confirm the time period while confirm the order.

Service days and time

You can order 24×7 through our website.

In case of any delay, our customer care executive will inform you on a priority basis.

How Can I track my Order?

You will receive regular SMS & Emails about your order. If there is any delay or change in your order, our customer care executive will call and inform you.

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